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Being more inactive

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 8:20 PM
Ohh me writing journals is becoming something truly rare! but i normally never have something so important that i want to write about anyways..:rofl: 

As the title says i sadly gonna be more inactive from now on.. but not the kind of inactivity to not replying any messages  but yes for uploading more drawings. The reasons for this are that now my university classes started again and i already had two weeks of classes, i already could see that this semester is gonna be a lot busy for me so i have to dedicate a lot of time to my studies (and to sleep yes,very dearly important XD ). The other reason is that i wanna draw some more complex and elaborated drawings that i have in mind, those ones that i take  weeks a month or even more to get done but these kind of drawings are also my favorite ones to work with and usually the ones i fell most happy with :heart: i like drawing a little each day i can, even if i fell demotivated for it sometimes.. but it is a important activity for me to relax and clean my mind for a while and with this i hope to keep my motivations for drawing good too. :)
Because of this im gonna close my art trades for a while, though i may open  exceptions.. but i will probably take a lot of time to get done with my part.. D:
So don't expect much pictures from me from now on..

Thats all..have a good day! <3

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Aoba's gay rap
  • Reading: Bagginshield fanfics for my fells
  • Watching: Thorin's love stares to Bilbo
  • Playing: many beloved games
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Gothmorag by Svartya
yeeehhhh i made a Black Dragon! :omgomg:…
Since :iconaarok: has allowed to create fan Black Dragons i went crazy and rushed to accomplish my dream Epic La I love :iconaarok: 's dragon breeds, the Black ones being my favorite but sadly they were almost completely extinct so it means my dear Gothmorag is long dead :ohnoes:

Once i get time i will expand this into a normal charactersheet and add a few more things but for now it will stay like this :)

Name: Gothmorag
Sex and Gender: Male
Age: 879 years old (year of death)
.Thorandar (younger brother) 
. Nevina (daughter)…
. Wife (still gotta find a name ehh)

   One of the oldest dragons of the Black Dragon tribe, Gothmorag was proud and a still skilled warrior. For 300 years he had the honor to serve as a guard of the Royal Family's lair for he have gained such a praised position due to his skills in combat, slyness and proven loyalty to King Valrion and Queen Aurora.
   However after his parents died of old age, Gothmorag asked to leave the post of guard so he could take better care of his younger brother Thorandar who was 435 years old at the time. Gothmorag loved his younger brother and they were always seen together as cheerful and peaceful brothers who enjoyed to practice their skills for fun. One day while exploring the outsides of the Black Dragon's territory they were brutally attacked by wild beasts and Gothmorag rushed to protect his brother. The beasts were killed but in the process Gothmorag was terribly wounded on his chest.. luckily, a Wood Dragon named Skoger (… ) spotted them and offered his help to bring Gothmorag and his brother safely back to their tribe. Fortunately for Gothmorag, the wound was not fatal but he was left with a huge scar on his chest. He disliked the scar for it being too sensitive but some days after the attack, Thorandar gifted his brother with a red cloth he found so Gothmorag could cover the scar and fell more comfortable.
   The years passed and the brothers kept their happy life next to each other. Some more years later Gothmorag even found a partner and later both decided to start a family and had a daughter named Nevina who was also happily accepted by Thorandar.   
  On the day the Red Dragons suddenly formed a great ambush for the Black Dragons, Gothmorag fought to his last breath to protect his family, his King and Queen but the Red Dragons were merciless and even the mighty warrior was overwhelmed by them...Gothmorag found himself collapsed on the ground unable to raise any more strength to fight. His eyes were filled with horror as he saw his wife and daughter already dead and next to him, his brother struggling to breath. With the last of his energies, Gothmorag crawled next to his brother "b-brother..i-im sorry..i could not protect you again.." Thorandar could only weakly move his head to look at his brother and with a faint smile said "i-its okay are here.." and both died next to each other. not good on writing stories but this one hit my feels really hard Cry forever 

oh one more thing:

.Like all Black Dragons, Gothmorag loved to wear jewelry, specially necklaces as he was always seen with a different one, some he and Thorandar shared between them. However Gothmorag never took off the red cloth covering his scar as he felt very uncomfortable without it.
.He also loved to store gold, precious stones and many different types of swords and axes and even other things like parts of armors and clothes he could find and was frequently gifting his wife, Nevina and Thorandar with the most unusual and special ones.


:iconaarok: I hope this character and his story are okay! if there is anything i should change please tell me ;) i hope you like it! La love 

Black dragon species and related story's events © :iconaarok:
Character Gothmorag © me 
Character Nevina © :iconchrissi1997:

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